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It is one of the highest vegetable sources of Omega 3. It also provides Magnesium, potassium and fibers, among other nutritional sources. Its consumption contributes to cardiovascular health and protects the brain.


The Farm

 Valle de Uco is a Cordilerano Valley located in the Provin ce of Mendoza with benefits for the production of Quality Walnuts thanks to its strategic location that make it the best Terroir for this crop in Argentina.

There, very advantageous phytosanitary conditions are obtained compared to other competing countries with an unsurpassed natural environment.





At the end of March and the first days of April, the Chandler variety peels begin to open, paying attention to preserving the maximum extra light color in the pulp, the time between harvesting and drying of the fruit is optimized.

Harvesting consists of vibrating the tree, orderly gathering the fruit in the center of the inter-row and harvesting.

As the hair openings begin, successive collections are made, no more than 2 or three in a period of 3 weeks.

The fruit is transported to the Industrial Plant in Harvest Carts with no more than 2 tons of capacity to take care of the aesthetic preservation of the fruit at all times.


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