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Thanks to a varied own production and an extensive network of associated beekeepers in Argentina, we offer honeys of different floral origins in all our products (Multifloral and Monofloral, Creamy Honey, Honeycomb Honey, among others) through our international and local brands.
Committed to new technologies in the production, processing of honey, training programs and certification of international quality standards; we achieve that our honeys maintain freshness and almost intact all the natural properties from the hive to the final consumer.

We are a natural option!

Because we believe quality is a must, our honey is 100% pure. Furthermore, our honey is produced according to the international quality standards, while preserving all the functional properties of honey that allow us to nourish ourselves in a 100% natural way. We are committed to delivering a healthy product at a fair price.

We offer a large variety of honey products: liquid honey, spreadable honey, honey with lemon juice & vita C, honey with orange juice & vita C, honey mustard, mustard, honey barbecue and honey ketchup. Because we use different types of flowers, we can offer a wide range of products (poly and mono floral, whipped, honeycomb, enhanced honey, among others).


EXPORT: Bulk Honey
PACKING: Presentations from 15g to 5.5kgs
Laboratory: quality
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  • Honey with orange and vitamin C x 250 grs

  • Honey Liquid x 2.27 kgs.

  • Liquid Honey WP x 330gr

  • Honey Spreadable x 500grs.

  • Liquid Honey Squeeze x 250 grs

  • Liquid Honey x 500 grs

  • Liquid Honey Doser x 470 grs.

  • Honey with Lemon and vitamin C x 250 grs

  • Glass Jar – Honey 250g

  • Whipped Honey - 500g

  • Glass Jar – Honey 500g

  • Pet Bear – Honey 340g

  • Honey Comb 340g

  • Honey Jar 945/ 500