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The most awarded olive oil of Argentina

Our olive oil producers have their own farms located in the provinces of Catamarca, San Juan and La Rioja, Argentina. This geography, with exceptional characteristics in terms of temperature, soil and thermal amplitude, creates an ideal environment for the cultivation of the olive tree, which allows us to achieve a unique product with international quality.

We have extra virgin olive oil with unique aromas and flavors with a low acid percentage being the extra-virgin olive oil most awarded in Argentina. We also offer our extra virgin olive oils with high levels of polyphenols (healthy antioxidant) —one of the defining features that differentiates our products from the rest.
Currently, our olive oils are being exported to the United States, Italy, Spain and Taiwan.



  • Classic blend 250 ml

  • Mediterranean blend glass 500ml

    Extra virgin 0.5%

  • Varietals glass 500m

    Extra virgin 0.3%

  • Aprile glass 500ml

    Extra virgin 0.5%

  • Organic Glass 250ml

    Extra Virgin 0.5%

  • Extra virgin olive oil 5 liters

  • Extra virgin olive oil by bulk

    22,000 liters



  • Medal

    The extra virgin Olive Oil Oliovita was recognized as "Best of Argentina" (the best in Argentina) for its Coratina varietal during the fourth edition of the international competition EVO International Olive Oil Contest (EVO-IOOC 2019) from Italy, in which 431 olive oils from 17 countries took part in the competition

  • Medal

    Awarded in the Expoliva 2019 contest, organized by the Foundation for the Promotion of Olivar and Olive Oil in Jaén, Spain.

  • Medal

    Gold Awards for its organic, aprile, changlot and coratina varieties in the Terraolivo 2018 competition.