International market research


It is the right investment for those companies that want to enter the international market safely. With our research service, the client gets to know his probable suppliers in-depth. In addition to technical product information, we also collect data on the company’s organizational and physical structure, ensuring the necessary security for large import

Our monitoring of fairs is exclusive and personalized. We take advantage of the fairs to schedule technical and commercial visits to potential suppliers, checking their facilities, production processes, and the final product on the spot. For us, this meeting of supplier and customer results in great success, reducing negotiation time and increasing the level of reliability between the parties.

Monitoring of international fairs and visits to potential suppliers


Export – We put your products on the international market route


The world has changed. Globalization has narrowed the distance between continents, and the economy has broken barriers. We help you profit from these changes by making your product available to buyers around the world.

With our inspection service, you will know everything about the product you want to buy, avoiding problems that would only be noticed when receiving the material. In addition, we carry out the inspection of the goods at the factory, before shipment, ensuring that you receive exactly what you purchased.


Inspection of goods