The First Garlic of The Season Has Arrived to Taiwan

January 15, 2024

The time and effort invested during 2023 has shown its results. On January 6th, our garlic has arrived to our clients warehouses. They are delighted with the quality we provided.
As always, in accordance with the Taiwanese regulations, our garlic meets the pesticides requirements. In addition, our garlic is free from soil and it has its roots removed. Adding the previously mentioned qualities to our unbeatable price we make sure to satisfy our customers.
Hope that you can try our garlic soon!


2023年投入的時間和精力已經看到了成果。 1月6日,我們的大蒜已抵達客戶倉庫。 他們對我們提供的品質感到滿意。
一如既往,依照台灣法規,我們的大蒜符合農藥要求。 此外,我們的大蒜沒有土壤,並且已去除根部。 將前面提到的品質添加到我們無與倫比的價格中,我們確保讓我們的客戶滿意。